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We are a professional diving company internationally recognized by the high quality and standards applied to its underwater solutions.

Atlantis is also certified by the most important Class Societies operating in Brazil and worldwide.

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Efficiency, innovation, compliance and environmental responsibility are part of Atlantis' DNA

ATLANTIS DIVE WORKS was established in 2003 and is top of mind on Brazilian dive services suppliers on the following areas:

In-water surveys for Class Societies and for clients satisfaction;
Underwater full and partial hull cleaning following New Zealand MPI standards;
Underwater and Dry-dock inspections for Sun Coral analysis and emission of technical reports for environmental authorities;
General repairs on hull plating and propeller blades;
Blanking of Sea Chest and overboard valves;
Salvage operations;
Thrusters installation and removal/exchange;
Cutting and welding operations.

Our services

What we do

General underwater inspections

Our surveys and inspections are executed by qualified and certified technicians and equipment, always in compliance with client, authorities or Class Societies standards.
We offer In-water surveys for Class, inspections for owners and general photo, video and visual inspections, in addition to inspections under New Zealand MPI standards.

Sun Coral

ATLANTIS DIVE WORKS has been working on tracking, analyzing, removal and managing Sun Coral species along the Brazilian coast by doing underwater and Dry-dock inspections and issuing technical report in total compliance with environmental authorities and clients' standards.

Cleaning and repairs

Total or partial hull cleanings;
Propeller polishing and repair;
Welding and cutting;
Sealing of discharge and sea boxes;

Where we attend

We attend on the most important ports of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro;
Angra dos Reis;
São Sebastião;
São Francisco do Sul;
Vitória (Praia Mole, Tubarão and Capuaba);
Salvador (Madre de Deus and Aratu).

Our certifications

Our competence ratified by Classification Societies

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